What is the benefit of a digital twin?

Airports adopting digital twin technology stand to gain many benefits.  The digital twin – a digital replica or a digital overlay of a physical asset or operation such as a baggage handling system – acts like a storyteller. 

As Kim Madsen, Senior SW System Manager at BEUMER Group, explains: 

A digital twin can provide a live view of the BHS, giving baggage handling operators the opportunity to see how their system is performing and where the problem areas lie.”

With the visualisation a digital twin offers, operators can view the baggage flow in their systems. But they can also filter down for more specific information, such as viewing bags destined for specific flights, or bags in danger of approaching gate closures or bags that are within security level. There are all kinds of filtering options available in the live system that will assist operators. 

By having a digital layout of the system, BHS operators have greater capacity for optimisation, detection of system anomalies and predictive maintenance.


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