What are the advantages of the design and build approach?

There are many advantages for airports in adopting a design and build approach to implementing their baggage handling systems. It will often lead to smaller systems and therefore a better utilisation of valuable airport real estate. 

By taking a design and build approach, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, says Henrik Cort, Sales Director at BEUMER Group, “airports can design their BHS that better fits their buildings and that utilises the special features of the vendor’s specific equipment to save space”.

The key, says Cort, is to work collaboratively with the vendor and plan the system design at the very  start of the programming phase or in initial planning. Involving designers who are familiar with how the BHS solutions work will also help airports reduce the overall lifecycle costs of the system. 

Involving system providers as early in the design phase as possible will help minimise the footprint in the long run.


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